Safety in Everyday Living Summary

The purpose of my blogs over the course of this semester was to convey the importance of self-awareness in terms of safety of the individual and the family.

Please checkout my video presentation which addresses safety and self-defense.

A great deal of my evidence is based on my thirty + years of experience in martial arts and self-defense. I chose to illustrate my argument with images and photos, personal examples, outside sources, narratives, and some statistics.

My first post discussed my background in self-defense and my purpose in choosing this area of discussion for the blog post assignments in the Digital and Multimedia Writing class at Clayton State University.

The second post covered some of the things you might want to do when you’re out and about taking care of business every day. The discussion involved knowing what to carry in order to help protect yourself and having it handy for quick access when needed. The conversation revolved around the need to be aware in public in unguarded moments when you are most likely to be accosted by an attacker. The blog summed up ten suggestions to take when you are alone and in public.

In the third post, the conversation revolved around the 4 “F” in any stressful situation involving an assailant. These are the instinct to “Fight,” Face,” “Freeze,” or “Flight.” Depending on your training, one of these four things will occur in a confrontation. Some folks will fight their attacker. Some will simply face their assailant and calmly judge what to do next. Some people will freeze in confusion. Their brains will simply short circuit, and they will do nothing, allowing the assailant to obtain the advantage in the situation. And some will flee, their fear taking control, forcing them to turn and run as fast as they can. Your level of awareness will certainly govern which of these four “Fs” takes control in a tricky situation.

The fourth blog covered the area of family and child safety. It discussed the importance of being correctly conditioned “to respond to these types of situations.” And the fact that no amount of training can guarantee your safety in every case. But knowing what to do and having practiced it repeatedly will certainly create a greater chance of a good outcome in a bad situation. For example, carrying a can of mace or pepper spray is a good idea for anyone who is out and about doing daily chores like shopping exercising. It is also important to understand that what you see on TV and in the movies is ALL choreographed and almost none of what the actors and actresses portray will work in real life. This blog also discussed the importance of teaching your children a password that only the family knows. In any situation involving a child, if the adult doesn’t know the password, the child cannot go with them under any circumstance.

But the real enemy of safety in life situations is complacence. It’s getting into the habit of taking things for granted so that you don’t place much importance on them. That’s the kind of thing the bad guys look for.

Remember. Be Alert. Be Safe. Be Happy.

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