When You’re Out and About

DMW — Blog 2

Personal Safety in Everyday Life

I thought I would start this second blog of safety in everyday life with a general discussion of personal well-being in your daily routine. When you depart the security of your home, what should you carry, if anything, and what should you be aware of in the way of protection for yourself and your family regardless of your sex.

Not today, pal.

            First, you should always carry something in the way of a self-defense device. By that, I mean, you should bring some type of interjector (device) that enhances your self-protection. It could be a whistle or loud personal alarm of some sort. There are many offered on the market today. These can and should be attached to your keychain in some manner, which allows quick and easy access in a time of need. You might also look at the latest repellant, such as pepper spray (my favorite) or a tear gas spray of some type. That, too, you can attach to your key chain for quick access. Please understand. Most adverse situations jump off very quickly, and you must be able to react accordingly. Anything that delays your reaction to what’s coming at you is likely to work to your detriment. Having these safety devices on a key chain or a shirt pocket or even a bracelet gives you quick access to something that may save you from injury or worse.

            For ordinary individuals, I don’t recommend weapons like knives, batons, or even guns unless you are well-trained in the use of such weapons. The ignorant use of these is more likely to cause harm to yourself than to others.

            If your carry, then always keep in mind that the weapon is only useful if you can use it promptly. By that, I mean, in some cases, if the action jumps off before you can pop the flap, then a firearm isn’t much good to you, is it? Overreliance on a gun gives people a false sense of security and overconfidence in their ability to handle close-quarter situations.

            In any case, the best defense posture for you to have is to be aware of those situations, which may provide an assailant an opportunity to engage you, regardless of his motive. I gave an example in my first blog, which illustrates the kind of situation in which you should be alert but are distracted by pressing current events.

            I always stop for a moment as I am taking my keys out of my pocket right before I open my car door and take a quick look around to see who is watching me. Just this one little thing may save you a lot of grief. A bad guy always looks for an easy mark . . . those who are not paying attention to their surroundings. If he sees you are alert, he will most likely seek an easier victim. You know . . .  the one who isn’t paying attention.

            Remember !!!

1. Try not to walk alone, especially at night. Darkness and isolation can draw threats.

2. Walk steadily and with confidence.

3. Try not to “show” your wealth. Leave the gold & diamonds at home when shopping.

4. Travel with friends. There’s safety in numbers.

5. Go into the light and seek help if you feel like you’re being followed.

6. If in unfamiliar territory, seek advice from locals as to which areas to avoid.

7. Know your destination and how to get there before you leave.

8. At night, avoid parks and travel in well-lit areas with friends.

9. Casually look around you as you walk with your head up. Walk away from threats.

10. Don’t be distracted by smartphones. You can talk but look around too. Especially when entering a vehicle.

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